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Naturopathic Doctor Toronto Clinic – Naturopath Toronto ON Clinic

Vitamin D may bring some relief. According to Frontiers in Immunology, “There now exists several clinical studies and some animal studies, mostly in rodents, that show that vitamin D deficiency leads to a worsening of pain whereas appropriate vitamin D supplementation leads to better outcomes relating to pain.” Accordingly, vitamin D supplements and intramuscular shots may have potential in alleviating muscle aches.

Consult with a naturopathic doctor if you want to learn more on how optimal vitamin D levels may contribute to health. Visit our Naturopathic Toronto clinic for more details.

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Functional Medicine Toronto (416) 922-4114

What’s functional medicine? Unlike conventional medicine, functional medicine treats patients as a “whole.” If one part of the body is affected, other aspects of the body will also be considered for determining the cause of an illness. It also encourages patients to naturally progress towards optimal health and improve vitality. Come and visit us at the Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre for more details if you want to learn more about functional medicine in Toronto.

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ND in Toronto (416) 922-4114

One of the roles of this vitamin includes keeping your immune system strong to ward off viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D interacts with the body’s antimicrobial activity in our innate immune cells, prompting the fight against infections.

Did you know you can get vitamin D through IV? Know more about alternative ways you can up your vitamin D by talking with a naturopath. Dr. Amauri Caversan ND is a Toronto Naturopath who may offer helpful advice about the importance of maintaining an optimal level of vitamins and minerals.